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    Playback Issues Repeated/Dropped Frame?


      I have a hackintosh with Adobe CS6 Production Premium installed. On Premiere Pro when editing footage every so often I have a repeated frame/dropped frame. I don't think its really called a dropped frame because I have the drop frame indicator and it shows no signs at all (green throughout the timeline). When playing back the footage/clip it looks as though there is a duplicated frame then continues to play as normal. If I have a 5min sequence it will do this once every 20-30 secs. When exported everything is fine so can only be a problem during playback within Premiere. Has anyone come across this problem before? If there is a fix or would the upgrade just fix this problem? Any help would be appreciated.




      Ppro 6.0.0

      GPU: Nvidia GTX 680 cuda enabled

      CPU: core i7

      Mac OSX 10.8.3

      Footage: ProRes 422 1920x1080 25p