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    How do I get a width & height box as I resize an object in Illustrator CS6?

    ElJayBronx Level 2

      In a training video on Illustrator cs6 a device is shown as follows, as the instructor manually resizes an Artboard using the Artboard tool:


      Image for discussion.JPG

      Justin, the instructor, calls the little box that immediately shows width/height a "width and height box" but searching on that term is not productive. When I run the program  the device is not available, not does the video explain what option makes it available or what might have changed on my particular copy to obscure or disable the box. While I know I can get the same effect by choosing the Info window, and can even adjust the parameters more precisely using the control panel bar, I would like to have the convenience of this box. Can anyone establish why I'm having an issue?


      I note that in the same video series (from Lynda.com) the same type of display device is shown when the instructor resizes a graphic. After some 30 minutes of Google searches and searching for the identity of this device and how to enable it I come up empty...can someone point me in the right direction? An experienced Premiere editor, I'm trying to widen my skill set into more of the Adobe suite and new to Illustrator; please forgive me if I'm missing something obvious. 




      Jay from the Bronx