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    Building a custom web-to-print solution. Where to begin?


      I am a web developer in an organization that deals with creating books. They don't actually print and distribute the books, but they create the book designs in InDesign where they then send them to the printers to be printed and distributed.


      The organization is now interested in having users customize portions of books online (logo, certain text, particular images, etc), to be automatically sent to a printer and then distributed. The organization realizes that there are a number of web-to-print solutions that exist, but they are very much interested in creating an in-house, fully customized solution (for a number of reasons, they didn't find the other solutions satisfactory).


      Essentially, the desired online experience for the user would be to go through a series of steps, filling in text inputs and uploading images to replace the templated portions of the InDesign file. Further, the user would see a preview of the inputted changes on the screen.


      A lot of the burden would be on me developing the software necessary to make this work. I have a lot of experience in a number of programming languages, but have very little experience in the web-to-print industry (as well as little experience in InDesign).


      If we were to create a fully customized web-to-print solution in house, where would I begin in finding out how best to implement a solution like this? If one with experience could provide a list of high-level steps needed for implementation or even a bullet list of items to research, I would be extremely appreciative.


      Note that we are not interested in actually printing the books, but sending the fully created print-ready design files to the printers for print and distribution.

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          We do web to print for many types of users and we are a printer.  Most of our web to print orders drive digital and large format print.  Books on demand is very possible with our system.  EFI Digital Storefront. 


          I would be very happy to explain our system further and if your interested we could handle the web to print service for your group. 

          Email me if interested in pursuing this further.... thks

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            Hi Stjowa,


            My name is David and i work for a company called ROI360. We are an innovative Software Manufacturer and the UK distributor of the Pageflex software platform.


            I have read through your requirements and i am confident that we have a solution that could match your needs. we are very experienced in all types of projects from "out of the box" all the way through to more technical, programming based solutions.


            More than happy to explore your requirements in further detail with you, please feel free to email me on david.shillingford@roidistribution.com with your details. Alternatively visit our website for more information on what we do. http://www.roi360.co.uk


            Many Thanks