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    How to recreate a RH 7 HTML project from output

    dlengland Level 1

      Hi all,


      Have just been hired to work on a project that has a help system for which the source files are lost.  We have the a zip of the webhelp output so re-creating the topics is not a problem.  I found the June 2004 article on RoboWizard about this but am still stuck. I re-created the folder structure as it said and imported files from the old output.  Where I'm stuck is how I might get the glossary with associated hotspots re-created as well as the index. Also stuck on the part about deleting JS code.  It says to delete all the red boxes, but when I do I lose breadcrumbs and also related topics links.  It also says you need to re-establish DHTML, but the drop-down text in the project seem to work find when I built new output. 


      Unfortunately the computer this project lived on has been wiped clean and the tech writer (no longer here) only backed up the output, not the source files. 


      No doubt this won't be the last of my questions!  But any help with this so far would be greatly appreciated.