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    Fireworks CS6 crash when opening color palette


      Fireworks CS6 has got to be the buggiest program I have used on my Mac.


      The bug that is especially irritating is when I attempt to open a Color Palette, Fireworks immediately crashes ( this is before I even begin to navigate or select a color palette ).


      I have been able to narrow this problem down to a Fireworks CS6 problem on my Mac as opposed to as simple program like TextEdit. I can open the color palette in TextEdit which adds it to the OS color palette library. From there I can use colors from the newly opened palette within Fireworks. It (FW) just can't do the opening of the palette.


      Is anyone else able to open/add the color directly from FW CS6?


      MacBook Retina -16Gb RAM

      Mac OS 10.8.3