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    Copying public library book

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      I continue to get the following error message on the COPY screen "Book Title CE_COPY_NOT_ALLOWED - No permission to copy the book when trying to copy any public library book to my Kobo Touch device.  Please help.

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          sjpt Level 4

          Have you authorised your copy of Digital Editions (ADE) with an AdobeID?

          If not, do so in Library dropdown at 'Authorize Computer'


          Have you authorised your Kobo Touch from ADE with that ID?

          If not, plug in the Kobo and in ADE Library dropdown choose 'Authorize Device'



          If either of these fails, there may be some 'residual' authorization information.

          To remove old authorization from ADE, ctrl-shift-D (cmd-shift-D on Mac).  Restart ADE, and Authorize Computer with you AdobeID.

          To remove old authorization from device, plug into ADE and choose  ctrl-shift-E (cmd-shift-E on Mac).  Restart ADE and Authorize Device.

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            Arpit Kapoor Adobe Employee

            Please try the below steps and check if that helps:


            • Delete the two adobe folders namely .adobedigital and My Digital Editions from the eReader device.


            • Eject and disconnect your eReader device from the machine and connect it back.


            • Launch ADE and re-authorize the device


            • Drag and drop eBooks to the your device and try to open them.