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    Possible to modify the FLVplayback fullscreen message?

    Dave R J
      When you press the FullScreen button in an AS3 FLVplayback object it pops up a message about hitting the ESC key to exit fullscreen mocde. It is large and centered, and takes a long time to fade away.

      Is there any way to modify this? Maybe make it smaller and not in the center? Or shorten how long before it fades out?

      I'm trying to make a player that will be used by a live internet TV station who will switch between a live announcer and the FLV player. Right now they have to click "Play" then click "Fullscreen" then switch the studio's video feed over to the FLVplayer. Then they end up broadcasting that stupid message for several seconds on top of the video playback before it fades away. They can't switch to fullscreen ahead of time, because the player ignores key presses so there is no way that I can see for them to go to fullscreen first, wait for the message to go away, and then start playback as they switch the video feed to the player.

      Can anybody tell me if there's a way to modify that message? Or a way to start playback AFTER going to fullscreen mode and waiting for the message to go away?