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    Downgrade «Photoshop CS6 Extended» to just «Photoshop CS6», it's standard version?




      recently I've replaced my MacBook Pro 17" (Mid 2010) with new Retina (15" / Early 2013) and after I've installed Adobe Photoshop it appears to be Extended version instead of Standart. And I want my standart version back. I didn't use 3D features and I'm okay with standard version. I'm running OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3) if it useful information.


      So the question is: How do I downgrade my Photoshop CS6 «Extended» to «Standard» version?



      What I've tried:


      1. Reinstall application. No changes, still Extended version.

      2. Install on differenct computer same install package. I've tried to run this on my Mac Pro — unsuccessful.

      3. Reinstall application on «clean» OS X version on my previous MacBook Pro (17") — everything is okay. Standard version running as it does before.



      Please help me solve this little issue, because Google left me without answers.