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    combine 2 photos as layers

    nitzan gertz


      I know how to combine photos as layers.

      However, I would like to delete some ares from one of the layers, and merge it with the first layer to one photo.

      I used the brush tool, both black and white color, but all I get is black/white spots on each layer I use.

      Can't I merge them to one photo, deleting the areas I would like to?

      Thanks a lot

      Nitzan Gertz

      LG Nexus4 with Photoshop touch.

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          janelle_f Adobe Employee

          Hello there-


          It seems like you want to make a photo Composite. To start off there is a great PS Touch for Tablet tutorial here.



          1. Below you can see I have two photos I would like to merge into "one". I selected an eraser tool to erase portion of the image I have selected. I will only need the woman's head, so erasing it is a great way to eliminate a portion of the painting.




          2. Below you can see how I have just the woman's head remaining from the top layer. The painting below reveals the woman's hat, which I will next want to remove.




          3. I am going to transform the size of the woman's head, by tapping the outlined tool.




          4. Below I have changed the size of the woman's head. Tap the checkmark when you are done.




          5. I am not going to eliminate the bottom layers woman's hat. By tapping the clone tool, I can clone the surrounding area to eliminate the hat.




          6. Below you can see the woman's hat is now removed.




          7. Now I am going to merge the layers. Tap the top layer, then the layer icon and tap the "merge" icon.




          8. Select Merge Down > Done.



          9. You now have created a composite.




          Please let us know if you have any questions.



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            nitzan gertz Level 1

            Thanks a lot for your quick and excellent very detailed answer!