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    Invoking "doubletap" within Adobe Edge Animate

    jplbm Level 1

      Grettings all, I am trying to invoke a "double-tap" trigger to manage certains aspects of navigation with Edge Animate to be used within DPS. Its this something I would achieve with the "touchstart" or other touch triggers within Edge Animate to achieve this? Or do I need to modify the output syntax in the HTML or JS libraries. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.



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          sarhunt Adobe Employee

          Hey J,


          This doesn't seem like a wise idea in practice - doubletap triggers zooming natively on iOS. What is it you're trying to accomplish?



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            jplbm Level 1

            Hi Sarah, I have actually found and an answer and will post shortly. I've even disbaled the web zoom to allow double tap gesture to serve a variety of functions. Stay tuned for the post

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              mobly Level 3

              Hi Sarah, I was also looking for double tap, check out the Kia See'd car magazine if you can, it's a wonderful interactive car magazine. Lovely parallax scrolling, and on one page has lots of small Polaroid photos that can be dragged around the page and then enlarged with a double tap, another double tap resets the size. It works really well. Though when I read what you said I did then wonder why it would take a double tap to enlarge, but is a single tap too close to a drag? The user may tap by mistake rather than touch and drag? Interesting UI question. Anyway jplbm seems to have found a solution so is it something you can answer? Can we create a double tap in EA? It does seem to work well with drag image around then double tap it to enlarge