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    CS 1.1


      I just bought CS 1.1 on ebay and it has been activated by the sellers daughter. It is old and unsupported so I can't activate the software in the suite. Since it is very old is there a way for me to use it and not be timed out after 30 days? If not can i reload it over and over after the time out occurs?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I think you should ask for your money back.


          License transfers are pretty regulated -- you would need a transfer form signed by the seller, and they cannot transfer an educational version, nor a version that was used as part of an ongoing update chain (unless they thransfer ALL of the versions in the chain).

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            Zangstuff Level 1

            I hate it! Can i just reload every thirty days? I can not afford a more expensive upgrade of thei software and i need it to do some promotional work!!

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              MW Design Level 5

              No, reloading will not work. That's the point of trial mode. Else why would anyone need to actually purchase it?


              There are lower cost options, from the free (OpenSource) Scribus to PagePlus. PagePlus X5 new (it is one version back from current) is about $20 or $25 dollars direct from Serif Software (no licensing issues). Serif also has a free version but one cannot directly publish to PDF, though if you install a PDF print driver you can print to PDF,



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                Zangstuff Level 1

                Thanks! I don't really get this  proprietary licensing for a device or software that is many years old. It seems to me that after the item was purchased and disgarded or up graded that an individual should be able to use the item as he pleases. In my case after i learn to use this proficiently I am sure I would upgrade to a current version. CS is very pricy and for what i need the justification is not there to spend so much money. I will check into Serif


                Thanks again