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    How to: export 4:2:0 MPEG2 for Visual Circuits Firefly MC

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      I am trying to make a series of videos for a multi-channel media player called FireFly MC by Visual Circuits. It plays on 3 monitors and I am trying to make a multi screen presentation to give the illusion that it spans all 3 at times and the goes back to individual montors and back or whatever.


      Every time i export and MPEG2 from Premiere Pro and play it on the system, there are tons of artifacts. and color changes to B & W and back to color.


      There is a manual online, but the encoding requirements are not really something i am altogether familiar with.


      Here are some:


      1. Files must be program stream MPEG2 or system stream

      MPEG1 of audio/video, or elementary stream MPEG2 or

      MPEG1 of video only or audio only.


      2. Use 4:2:0, not 4:2:2 encoding.


      3. In MPEG-2, both audio and video fields should be encoded.

      This is the normal default.


      4. Audio only (Dolby Digital or MPEG Layer 2) files cannot be

      mixed with files containing videos (MPEG, MPEG2 program

      stream, video only).


      5. Firefly – Standard IDE Hard Drive): The total bit rate of a

      Firefly player must not exceed 40 mbps across four channels

      (i.e. averaging 10 mbps per channel). Channels may be

      encoded at different bit rates (up to 15 mbps on a given

      channel) as long as 40 mbps is not exceeded across a single

      hard drive (4-channel player).


      6. The presentation time stamp (PTS) values contained in the

      audio and video streams in a file must be continuous and

      increasing. In particular, the PTS values should not reset to 0 at

      any point in the file. The time between the first and last time

      stamps in a file should reflect the actual duration of the file.


      7. Files should be no less than 4 megabytes in size. If some of

      your files are smaller than 4 megabytes, use an editor to

      combine the files to create a single file at least 4 megabytes in



      8. Files should be no larger than 2 gigabytes in size.



      Anyone ever work with this system or know how to export this type of file?


      Thx in advance.