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    Retaining video quality for screen capture export

    Leif Espelund

      I've spent hours searching all over the interwebs and trying every combination possible, but I cannot for the life of me get Premiere to maintain the quality of my video from a screen capture. This is for a software demo video I am making. Here are the settings for the video capture:


      Recorded with ocam screen recorder (http://ohsoft.net/product_ocam.php). This produced decent quality, not perfect, but definitely readable.

      Microsoft MPEG 4 part 3 (.AVI) codec



      6000Kbps bitrate


      When I view the files in Windows Media Player or Quicktime they look fine (again, not perfect, but definitely usable)


      However, when I import them into Premiere Pro the preview adds artifacts, especially around black text on white background.


      My sequence settings in Premiere match the original video:


      Square pixels aspect ratio



      Exporting produces the same problem, artifacts all over.


      Oddly, sometimes the artifacts disappear, such as when a window is moved with the cursor. Suddenly all the text in that window gets clear for a second.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.