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    InDesign 5.5 not saving

    LeeJoramo Level 1

      We are having the following problem:


      • Open a document in InDesign from the file server
      • Do some work
      • Save the document
      • Instead of the filing just being saved you get the file dialog box as if you were saving a file for the first time or doing a "Save As".
      • The file dialog is often pointing at a different directory than the original. This has resulted in files accidentally being saved in the wrong place.
      • If you go back to the original directory, you are prohibited from saving over the original.
      • So you have to save the file some other location and then manually copy over the top of the original one in the correct folder via the Finder.


      We have four work stations all with the same issue. This does not happen all of the time, but seems to occur on some workstations more than others.



      The Workstations:


      • Mac OS X 10.7 current
      • Adobe CS5.5 current
      • This setup had worked for nearly a year without this problem.


      The File Server:


      • Mac OS X Server 10.6 current
      • This setup had worked for over 2 years. (Earlier workstations where CS3 and Quark)


      Other facts:


      I have reset all to the Permissions/ACL's on the server


      At least one of the Workstations has had a strange habit. Sometimes after a crash, InDesign will open a huge number of files. Files going back over a month. There seems to be a cache of file references that it reopens, even though the file had not been touched in a long time, and had in fact not been open just prior to the crash.


      I am not exactly sure how idlk files are suppose to work; however,  I have observed tht idlk files don't always seem to be created, and sometimes disable while a file is being worked on, just prior to these saving problems occur.

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          Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Sounds like one of the workstations has the OSX.7 + checkbox to restore previous windows on restart still checked. Also working over a network is problematic with Adobe software. It may work but in not reliable as you are finding out. The lack of proper lock files is a symtom of this.