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    Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 to create custom DVD Menu

    SAngeli Level 1


      I know that starting from EL 11 it is possible through Photoshop EL 11 to create custom DVD Menu starting from scratch.

      I fail finding on the Internet proper documentation for both creating it on Photoshop EL 11 and importing/using it on Premeiere EL 11.


      I sometimes wish to create a Web DVD to put on the Internet and all I need is a nice background picture and a Play button.


      how to do so? Where can I get detailed documentation and vidoes?


      Thank you

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          The only problem that you might have, other than getting all of the naming and structural aspects correct (very specific), would be with the creation of Layer Sets in PSE. I am not sure if they have been added to PSE, and they are necessary for creating the Buttons. As I use Photoshop, and do not own PSE, I cannot tell you whether Layer Sets have been added.


          This discussion, in the Photoshop Forum, goes into more detail on creating Menu Sets for PrE, in Photoshop: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2490846#2490846


          I strongly recommend that one spend some time with one of the PrE Template Menu Sets, studying every aspect of what is reqired. Even though I create Menus (for Encore), and Menu Sets for PrE, I still will use one of those Templates as a "guide."


          Now, if PSE does not yet have Layer Sets, one can still find an existing Template Menu Set, that comes close to what they wish to do, and heavily modify that in PSE.


          One thing that trips up many DVD Menu designers, when they start out, is that NO Button may overlap any other Button, even by 1 pixel.


          Good luck,




          PS - if PSE has added Layer Set creation (it has been able to edit, just not create them, for many versions now), please post that information, as it will help me, in helping others.