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    How do I get rid of black bars around my movie?

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      I've spent some serious time getting to know the Adobe products and Premiere Pro CS6 in particular. But no matter what, I can't figure out why the exported video sometimes get annoying BLACK BORDERS (in all four directions) completely regardless of the settings.


      Since all my sequences are always based on the source material ("create sequence from video file", you know), I don't even see how this can be possible. I simply cut out part from a longer video and export it. Black borders in all four directions. The original video does not have that. It doesn't look like it will have them in the preview/export preview views. It is only when I have exported them that the borders show up. In all media players.


      This nearly has me throwing the computer through the window out of frustration. I've tried every export setting imaginable (naturally tried not touching them at all too), but nothing helps when Pr decides to go into "black borders mode". Is this an actual bug? I can't see how it can possibly be intended, especially since the preview clearly shows that the only borders are on the sides (acceptable and expected due to ratio difference and whatnot).


      I asked something similar recently but didn't feel people really understood what I was talking about, so I'm trying again.

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