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    ColdFusion 5 on MS Server 2008 R2


      Need to see if ColdFusion 5 will run on MS Server 2008 R2.

      On a client's site that has ColdFusion 5(yes 5) and wants to move it to a MS Server with 2008 R2 and IIs 7.5 on it.  The one app that is on it is going away as is all ColdFusion.  So they do not want to invest in an upgrade. Simply not an option for them and they have made it clear. 

      2008 R2 Issues: CF 5 being 32-bit doesn't install for me.  Is there a way to make this happen?

      IIS 7.5 I've read articles that CF 5 can be run on IIS 7.5 with compatibility mode turned on.  I don't think this will be the big hurdle.

      The alternative is to keep in on the server it's on but for reasons this is the last alternative.

      So for the most part I am looking for advise on running CF 5 on MS Server 2008 R2.

      Thank you!