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    Capture footage Canon Vixia HV40?


      I captured footage from the Canon Vixia HV40 camcorder in Pro CS 5.5 setting general preferences to "match source" on video and audio and "HDV" in project presets - the footage is in my project as  1440 1080 mpeg files. (1.33333).  I can drag a clip into the source window, set in and out points but it won't let me drag it into the Program window or the Timeline and Pro crashes and shuts down.  (Pro crashes and generates an error report, not my computer - a Mac- that crashes)


      Are these files too big?  They are dance videos and some of the clips run 25 minutes non stop. (but there are only 7 files not all that long and my cojmputer says I have plenty of disc space) . Also there seems to be no Timeline audio and video tracks available even though the program preferences are set for 3 tracks nor can  I add tracks (greyed out) nor select the Timeline.


      The file info says they have been captured in the above codec and are NTSC.  I am pretty sure the camera menu was set to HDV when filmed.  With no preferences made to interlaced or progressive or pal.... and since I selected match source would it make a difference if the video was shot in one codec and captured in another?  Even though as I said, I chose "match source"...

      anyone advise?  dance on video

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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          Welcome to the forum.


          Do you have a sequence open in the Timeline panel?  If not, that would be why you can't drag from the Source Monitor to the Program Monitor or the Timeline panel.



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            danceonvideo Level 1

            I go back to the earliest Premiere Pro - what is this sequence thing you

            are talking about? I have no sequences - it says that at the top of the

            Timeline in tiny print and when I clock on the x my Timeline closes.  Plus

            when I go to Sequences (at the top) everythin is grayed out.  And there are

            no audio or video tracks in my Timeline and I cannot add tracks - that is

            grayed out too.


            I captured using device control and my files are mpeg movie 1440x 1080

            (1.3333)  29.97 frame rate  some audio settings are 48000Hz compressed and

            some say 16 bit.  All "Capture settings" boxes next to the file name are

            checked except one and all have a little box that says "good" all are

            online except one offline.  (all this info in the project window above the

            clip window)   When I captured I chose HDV (choice was HDV/DV)  and "match

            source" because I was not sure which HDV - pal, interlaced, progressive, 23

            fps, 24 fps it was shot at.  (This camera is not mine and was given to me

            at the last moment to shoot dance video.*  Later* I explored the various

            settings and codecs in the camera menu and perhaps had I accidently changed

            the camera settings then captured footage which was shot at different

            settings would this be causing the problem.


            Another thought I had - do I have to import these video files in Media

            Encoder and make low res copies for editing?  I started to do that and

            according to the info in the file queue these are H.264  (under "Format")

            and under "Preset" it says HDTV 720p 24 high quality.  Is this what they

            Are suggesting I low res these files down to?  I'm too afraid to do it.


            Then there is this:  NOT grayed out in Pro is the option to "Clear Capture

            settings"  should I do this?

            Or Modify -"interpret footage"?


            Or this issue: when I set up general and scratch discs I just went with the

            default. Do you think my scratch disc is somewhere where it shouldn't be?

            Maybe I should just dump all the footage and start again.


            BTW rooting around www I found that CS5.5 does support Vixeo HV 40 cameras

            and mpeg video.    Do you think it is my capture card? This is an imac

            10.6.8 OS X but I just looked at my capture card in my imac about this

            computer - its a Radeon  HD 4670 and its resolution is 1920x1080. Is this

            the problem?  Is my graphic card the same as my capture card?  Firewire -

            800 Mb/sec.


            any thoughts? And THANK YOU  - are you a professional editor?

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              joe bloe premiere Level 5

              I go back to the earliest Premiere Pro -

              what is this sequence thing you are talking about?


              Try this:



              Your Timeline Panel will be empty until you create a sequence.

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                danceonvideo Level 1

                OMG it WORKED! THANK YOU.... I was resigned to dumping footage and starting

                again!  Letme tell you I have been online reading tech support and also

                Premiere Pro Bible and I never came across this as a means to opening clip

                in Program/Timeline windows!  I learned Premiere on one of the earliest

                versions where you just drag clip into Program window.... I even spoke to a

                former professional editor ( a Final Cut guy) who thought it might have

                been - because FC does this automatically on capture - an issue of making

                hi-res clips low-res...


                But why would this make Premiere crash?  Would attempting to drag a clip

                directly into Program window do that?  Fingers crossed.  Thank you again!



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