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    Shockwave Flash crashing


      I continually get the following Warning message. When I click on either "Continue" or "Stop Plugin", it just stops working. I use Firefox on Windows 7.


      Warning: Shockwave Flash may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the plugin now, or you can continue to see if the plugin will complete.

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          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

          Can you point me to the URL where you're seeing the problem?

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            jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee



            I'd really like to investigate this further.  Can you give me a link where this happens?  Feel free to send me a private message if you don't want to post the URL publicly or whatever.




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              1234567mimi Level 1

              Jeromie, I somehow fixed it, don't remember right now what I did.  I

              know I ended up uninstalling everything and reinstalling Shockwave and

              Flash (shows as "Shockwave Flash" in the add-on list.  Now it seems to

              be working. Thanks for checking in! Mimi







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                I get the same error message.

                It is not just at one url but all that use Flash in web page.

                I have uninstalled and re-installed Flash several times but it comes back again.

                I am using Seamonkey (Mozilla like Firefox)

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                  Jeromie, There is no "link to where it happens." We keep telling you, this problems happens everywhere!!!!!


                  I am not visiting weird sites. I only look at:

                  AOL mail (never anything else in AOL),

                  National Science Foundation,

                  New York Times,

                  TRIZ Journal,



                  Columbia University.


                  I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything, countless times.


                  I haven't been here on this forum for several weeks, because I am trying to get my work done around all of these total interruptions. My work is seriously hampered by this problem. My computer is for my work, not games.


                  Y'all did something that wrecked your program, or someone hacked you. You should go back to the startpoint, and figure out what someone added to your code.



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                    MrX1980 Level 3

                    Hello to all with those problems.

                    To investigate it, it is very important to have the exact url's while hanging/crashing.

                    We also need information's like dxdiag, Firefox about:support and about:crashes (only bp-... or bp-hr... url's)

                    If you all using Firefox <=21 then try Firefox >=22, because in the mozilla crash stats are less problems visible.

                    I think it would be better, if every user creates its own thread for this with these information's.



                    PS: Please don't forget to update your audio/video drivers before reporting any problems.

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                      CateManhattan Level 1

                      Why would we each want our own thread? We want to see what is happening to all of us -- internet forum comments show that many people have this problem happening to them. What changed that created this problem?

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                        CateManhattan Level 1

                        Firefox 22 has less crashes with your software? Perhaps because very few people are using 22. I am on automatic updates, and FireFox has stayed at 21. I don't want the additional problems of a not-fully-tested browser.

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                          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                          The Flash Player that runs on Chrome is almost a complete rewrite when compared to the Flash Player that runs on Firefox.  The Flash Player on Firefox for Windows is very different from the Flash Player on Firefox for Mac.


                          The chance that a random sampling of self-reported crashes shares the same root-cause is very slim.  It's unfortunate, because my job would be *much* easier if that were the case.


                          Knowing that a general stability issue exists doesn't really help us resolve anything, which I assume is the outcome we're all trying to achieve by investing time here.  The people manning the forums are more than happy to work with you to troubleshoot and fix discrete issues, but they need enough infromation to isolate the problem. 


                          The Beta forums in particular are specific to the current Beta build.  Keeping the signal to noise ratio high here makes it much easier to identify and fix bugs introduced through feature development before they hit the general release audience.  Issues with the general release player can be filed and tracked in the Using Flash Player forum.


                          For what it's worth, we have an extensive suite of functional and performance tests (~60,000 last time I checked) that Flash Player must pass on multiple tiers of supported platforms, with every daily build.  If your browser is crashing every time you encounter Flash content, it's not because it didn't get tested.  The most likely cause is a third-party compatibility problem.  A number of applications (security scanners, adware, "save this flash video to disk" apps, privacy/anti-ad add-ons) attempt to capture control of memory that Flash Player uses in order to impose/inject some behavior between Flash Player, the Browser and the Operating system.  The problem with this approach is that it's done without coordination at the engineering level, which is not a recipe for success or a good user experience. 


                          Full disclosure on the applications and versions of tools that you're running that fall into that class is very important, as it's simply infeasible to test against all of the combinations of tools and plug-ins that engage in this kind of behavior.


                          If you want an effective way to measure general stability in Flash Player in real-time, check out the Mozilla crash-reporting tool.  It's a much better source of staticstically meaningful information than this forum, and it identifies and separates the reports out into issues with the same root-cause.


                          We watch that list closely and work directly with Mozilla to identify and resolve new and existing crashers.  We prioritize that work by the volume of the reported issues.  (We maintain similar engagements with other vendors, but their information is not public.)  In the Beta, we look for anything new that shows up in the population of 3,000,000+ active installed Beta players, and we fix it to ensure that to the extent possible, we're not shipping new crashes to the general population.


                          If you'd like your issue resolved, create a new thread, post all of the information we ask for in the basic troubleshooting instructions we post to every thread, and be patient as well drill down into the details.