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    Accessibility Checker 10 vs 11


      We tested out one PDF on two different computers. One computer had Adobe 10 and the other had Adobe 11. When we did the full-check on this document we each got different results back from the checker pointing out different issues within the document. How do we know which one is right? and what is the main difference in the NEW Adobe 11 program that differs from the 10 in the case of using the Accessibility Checker?

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          Hi baspling,


          I do not have experience with Acrobat 11, but I very much suspect that neither is right. Adobe’s accessibility checker is highly inadequate in my experience. I use it just as a first quick check. I encourage you to try the free PDF Accessibility Checker (PAC) from the Swiss foundation Zugang Für Alle (Access For All). It is far more thorough – the best PDF accessibility checker available today despite being freeware. It also offers a very useful preview feature that lets you see the PDF in the way it would be heard by someone using a screen reader.


          a 'C' student