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    Photoshop elements mac, newbie questions for webshop


      Hello all,


      My name is Jelle and i have photoshop elements for mac, which i mostly use to create banners, headers and backgrounds for my website www.dagelijkseluxe.nl.


      Though this is my question, i think there are a lot of people like me, bumping in the same problems. Maybe it's an idea to have a webshop webinar someday (or i missed it) for some basic functions mostly used for websites. Like easy banner creation, background adjustments for sites and products, best product presentation, etc.


      Even though i mostly use the guided editing, i sometimes venture off and try to use the full editor. Now, this must be too easy for most of you powerusers, but the background of the webshop is still a bit to dark to my liking. However i feel i have reached all i can do with the different sliders presented in the guided tour.

      Is there an easy way to "mistify" the background or any photo for that matter?


      I also save the files as PNG as per recommendation from the sitebuilder. what's the difference with interlaced and non interlaced saving.


      Thank you in advance for your time!


      Kind regards,


      Jelle Dingemans