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    Edit & create item to FormsCentral


      Hi everyone,


           We are a Marketing Research Agency, we´re dabbling in web survey application, but we have some questions that are not met within the features included:



      • Text Field
      • Text Field (multi)
      • Date Field
      • Email field
      • Golf only option
      • Country of several options
      • drop down menu
      • Check box only
      • Rating Scale
      • attachment
      • Formatted Text
      • image
      • Horizontal line
      • new Page


      But, need to create new forms of input and segmentation, such as:


      • Rating scales, but with income in the option value.
      • segmentation data entry
      • quota limitation, (for each option)


      attached a picture to see the spaces, I welcome your comments and help with this.



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          Wenlan_Du Level 2



          You can create rating scales with income as options in FormsCentral. Here is a rating scale with default option text:


          You may edit the option text directly in design view and add new options by clicking on the + icon next to it.


          As for your two other needs "segamentation data entry" and "quota limitation", can you please give us more details or some examples? I cannot figure them out from the table you in your post.