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    My Wacom Graphire4 Pen Tablet only works with Pen Pressure, OK in CS5 but not CS6....

    ralphjramirez Level 1

      I am running Windows 7 Professional 64 bit and still have both CS5 and CS6 64 bit loaded.  I have previously used my Graphire4 Pen Tablet with CS6 wihout any problems.  All of a sudden it only works with Pen Pressure even though Pen Pressure is turned off.  I am trying to use it like a mouse and frequently use shift/Click when editing a mask.  I can no longer do this.  If I run CS5 the Pen works as it should but not CS6.  When I first open CS6 with the brush palette visible the brush shows a hard brush but when I open a file it changes to pressure sensitive without any action by me.  I have reset the brushes, re-installed the driver and finally downloaded a more current driver but the problem still persists.  Since it works fine in CS5 but not CS6 it has to be an Adobe problem.  It is very frustrating.  I am attaching a composite image showing what is happening in CS6.  The right side shows what the brush palette looks like before I open a file.  The left side shows what happens when I open a file.   Even if  I don't open a file and make any change within the brush palette it immediately changes to pen pressure.  It is very strange.


      I would sure appreciate any information anyone can provide that might help.