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    Pages implementation still needs improvements

      First off, let me say that pages, as a concept are a good idea. It's implementation, however, still needs a bit more work. If anybody knows ways around these annoyances, by all means, please share.

      1) When duplicating an existing page, FWCS3 doesn't give me the option about where to place the page (unlike duplicating frames did in the previous FW). It inevitably places the duplicate page at the end. So it forces me into a little manual work to put it in the right place. Of course, at this point the new page is the selected page and so I have lost my place. Not insurmountable, but an annoyance nonetheless.

      2) Adding insult to injury, when I move my page to the correct location, FWCS3 does not automatically rename my page to reflect its new position in the page order. For example, I have five pages in my document. I want to duplicate page 2. When I do, it creates a page 6 at the end. Moving page 6 to a position after page 2 (in other words, I want it to become a new page 3) simply places "Page 6" after "Page 2". This becomes problematic when I export pages as files. FWCS3 names the files according to the page names. This now means that when creating a storyboard for presentation that I have to remember that page 6 goes after page 2. To avoid this, I have to manually rename very single page of my PNG so that it imports into InDesign in the appropriate order. Every application for the last 15 years that uses pages knows enough to rename pages to reflect page order (even InDesign does this). Why can't Fireworks?

      3) Finally, tapping through pages in FWCS3 will take you in a circle. I use pages for comping animation frames. Animation is linear. While it's true many animations loop, I would prefer to have to tap backward to go back to the beginning. It helps me to see the beginning and the end of the animation. This way, I can focus on the animation and what is happening on the canvas instead of worrying about if I have reached the last frame and am instead starting over at Page 1. While I appreciate this may be a personal preference, at least give me a preference to turn on/off.

      Hopefully, Adobe will see fit to correct these in a point release. I can't imagine having to live with these bugs until CS4.