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    You Tube won't play full screen on Chrome

    playaway73 Level 1

      When I select full screen, the window stays same size, but moves to top left of the screen. I go into settings and my Hardware Accelaration option has gone, it used to be here...This only happens in YouTube, other videos on different sites I can select full screen no problem, though the Hardware accelaration option has gone there too. Now I only have 4 options to choose from in Local Settings. It's also gone from Global Settings.


      I've tried clearing caches etc..no joy. It does work fine on IE9 for me, but I've always used Chrome & GMail, and don't wish to stop.

      I'm using Windows Vista Business SP2 32 bit, my browser is Google Chrome Version 26.0.1410.64 my Flash version is 11.7.700.179, which is the correct version for my browser and O/S and is up to date. Windows, Chrome and Flash updates are all current.


      I've been on forums, I've enabled/disabled plug ins, I've cleared and deleted caches and Adobe files, and it's now getting annoying.

      I realise there has been an update recently, but I don't want to start messing about uninstalling and digging out earlier versions etc...Isn't it all meant to be incorporated into Chrome and updated automatically so users can avoid doing these sorts of things.


      If anybody can help, I'd be grateful. If you need to know anything else, please ask.