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    Flex or AIR application is slowed down after continuous usage.




      I am facing two issues one each in Flex application and AIR application.


      1. First in Flex application.


      I have developed an Flex application in Flex 4.0 and is being used by around 10 to 15 users simultaneously.


      Now the problem is that when all the users start use of the application in the morning, it is running perfectly. But after usage of 3 or 4 hours, or let's say after lunch its speed is gettling slow. And due to low speed, application behaves abnormally. For example, I am calling multiple php files one by one through http service in one of the screens. And those php calls are dependent on each other. So due to low speed step 2 php call is over before the step 1 php call. And due to that application can't set the screen as per its normal behaviout.


      And this problem stays even after user clears the browser cache.


      So I am assuming that even after clearing browser cache flash player is not removing all the cache or something is still there on the server which is causing slow speed of the application. Because when next day users come to office and use the application they don't face such issues. Such issues are coming only after continuous usage of it.



      So please help me in solving this issue ASAP. Because our client is getting angry over this issue.



      2. AIR Application issue


      I have developed an AIR application which is using socket connection to use different designer softwares like In Design, Illustrator etc.


      Now sometimes happens that due to low speed of machine or internet my socket connection didn't get time to connect to some design softwares. So I have put a code that checks if the connection is lost then it reconnects it. But this connection lost problem starts coming after heavy usage of the application.


      And the second problem is regarding drag and drop. When I do continuous drag and drop of images of around 70 to 80 images, I get memory over error from the machine stating that please close the application as there is no memory available now.


      So please suggest a solution for this ASAP as our client will need to do lots of drag and drop operations and lots of socket connection to design software during the day.


      Thanks & Regards,

      Jigar Oza