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    Who purchased my extension?

    mark_erickson Level 1

      Is there a way to get a unique identifier for an extension that has been purchased by a user from the Adobe Exchange? If there is, can this id be associated with a record of the purchase? If there is no unique id, is there any type of user information available? How do I know who purchased my extension?


      I’m about to sell an extension on the exchange, and I want to know if there is a way to verify that an extension is associated with a user that purchased it through the exchange. I know Adobe Exchange/FastSpring can provide license code that can be sent to a user through email, but want something really simple for the user. Is there any information about the Adobe ID used to purchase my extension.



      - mark

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          DBarranca Level 4

          Hi Mark,

          to the best of my knowledge: nope. This is by design, and I think it involves also the privacy clauses in the Exchange EULA.

          The good news is that as a developer you're allowed to collect that data *from* the extension - i.e. asking directly to the customer to fill in name, email, whatever. This way implies the the direct consensus of the customer - otherwise Adobe won't share with you any customer sensible data.


          Davide Barranca