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    Can't undo in Flash Pro CS6


      For some reason I can not undo (crtl+z) when I do something in some of my projects. If I add some text or move a box or whatever I'm not able to undo anything to the previous state. This does not make any sense to me. The project worked fine the day before, but when I logged on the next day I simply could not undo anything when I started working on my project again. Also of interested; When I add a new textbox non of the letters will show before I go out of the textbox and press something else in the project window. Same thing goes for when I'm editing shapes. The edit won't take place before I click on something else. I have tried the same project-file on another computer with CS6 and it does not work there either. I work with files on a network drive.


      Does anybody have any idea why and what I could do?


      - Kjetil