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    How can I get all the values of a String array profile property using javascript?


      I am trying to build functionality into our site that records all products added to the basket against a user's profile.


      I have so far been able to store the product codes against the profile as a property using Ajax:


             var dataString = ":formid=addProduct&:formstart=/apps/thread/templates/page_product/jcr:content/par/produc t/formstart&:redirect=/content/thread/en/user/cart.html&productId=151515:profile="+profile ;



                  type: "POST", 

                  url: "/content/women/evening/dresses/l-k-bennett-davinadress.html", 

                  data: dataString, 

                  success: function(data) { 





      In this example I have hardcoded a product ID of 151515.

      In order to save the property as a multi string field you simply replace &productId=151515 with &productId=151515&productId=131313&productId=141414 or as many extra values as you want to build into that string. This stores a productId property against a user profile.


      The issue comes from calling that data back. Using var value = CQ_Analytics.ProfileDataMgr.getProperty("productId") I can get the first value of this array (or the single value if only one is stored).


      However there does not seem to be a way to get any of the other stored values in the array using getProperty. Does anyone know how I can achieve this?