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    Orientation changes image


      I am producing an advert for a client that is going to appear in the UK Top Gear magazine.


      Top Gear magazine is landscape only but the gyroscope functions are still available.


      I'm looking to rotate the device 180 degrees and then the background image changes. Does anyone know if tis is possible in DPS or even using Edge Animate content through DPS.


      Ideally I'm looking to produce this without a HTML coder. Thanks.

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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, Ellipsis-


          You can do this using some simple code, though if you're not very code savvy, you might need someone to do some JavaScript coding for you.


          Here's a brief post I found on another site that explains the window.orientationChange event, which we support within Animate.




          Please note that given the limitation of this API, you can't necessarily tell whether you've gone 180', but you can definitely tell you if you've gone one way or another.  One other caveat - I'm not 100% sure about this, but your InDesign document may need to support both portrait and landscape mode to be able to make this event fire.


          Hope that helps!





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            shadowfax007 Level 1

            Also note that, from a fan of "Top Gear" if you don't get this right we will decend upon you, lock you in the trunk of some old jalopy and take you for a spin on a country road and scramble your head like a fine omlet :-)


            Just kidding - I couldn't help it!