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    CF 7 with Dreamweaver CS3


      My setup is:-


      DW CS3

      CF MX 7

      Windows 7 workstation

      Windows 2003 development server

      Local area network


      I am having a problem with DW CS3.


      A site I have used for some weeks has suddenly started misbehaving.


      When trying to access a CF 7 data source binding I get :-


      "In order to view the columns of this recordset, please associate the variable (#application.dsn#) with a data source.  To do this, press the plus button and choose Data Source Name Variable."


      When I try and associate my application.dsn with a data source none are seen in the drop down.


      I compared the site to another site which is working fine and I can't see any difference in the setup.


      I have cleared the site cache and removed the data connections from within DW. (menu, Site => Advanced)


      I tried completely recreating the site copying only the cfm files into a new directory.


      I tried removing the configs from the Appdata cache/config.


      I tried reinstalling Dreamweaver.


      I've used this set up for years, but that doesn't mean to say I haven't missed something obvious - very rusty.


      Any ideas as to what is wrong, please?