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    Question about CUDA in Adobe Premiere Pro cs6, help!


      First of all.. sorry for my bad english. I will try to explain best of I can.

      I have Adobe Premiere Pro cs6 and have enabled ''Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration (CUDA).

      Everything just works fine. I see yellow line in timeline, no lags, fluid playback and I' am happy about that.. but I don't understand something about rendering.

      When i go to ''Sequence'' to render entire work area in timeline, my GPU working on 100% and thats ok.. but when I'm finished with editing and go

      to export my finally video.. I see on my monitor that CPU working on 100% but my GPU working only on 10%.. is that normal?

      I have 3770k and GTX 660 Ti.

      Can you tell me.. Is it possible to render my finally video more with GPU, not only with my CPU?

      I'm a little confused about that..

      And one thing.. How can I test some benchmark to show you results?


      I really appreciate every comment and help! thank you!