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    Using global variables across scripts




      I have a SOAP client which executes runScript method.

      Three SOAP requests, one after the other, call runScript and execute a corresponding jsx on server.

      Can I have some session/global-wide variables that I can access across scripts?

      For example, during execution of first script, I set some variable. And again during the second and third SOAP requests, I use the variable (set in 1st script) in the 2nd and 3rd scripts.


      How can I achieve the above?


      I would really appreciate some help on this.

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          -hans- Level 4




          #target indesign
          var objLabel = {
          app.insertLabel('appLabel', objLabel.toSource());
          var currObj = eval(app.extractLabel('appLabel'));
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            Vamitul Level 4

            what hans said, and also, i think global variables are persistent in the same target engine

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              Fo exchanging values between scripts you can make use of a targetengine.

              Script one

                    #targetengine "session01"
                var myValue = 0; // new value
                    alert(myValue); // result is 0
                    myValue++; // increment by 1


              Script two

                    #targetengine "session01"
                  alert(myValue); // result is 1
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                You can use either of the methods #targetengine or insertLabel.


                One demerit, I would say, of #targetengine "session01" is that the specific session will exists as long as InDesign is running, which is not desirable. Those will destroy only when you quit your application. I don't think there is any garbage collection to rescue here.

                However, insertLabel and extractLabel can be used on specifc DOM objects, as per your need, including the app object.


                If you want to share variables across scripts on per-document basis then you can store the variables on the document object:

                doc.insertLabel("name", "value");


                So, once the document is closed all the labels are gone. You can decide according to your requirement whether you want application-level globals (then use app.insertLabel), document level (then doc.insertLabel), spread level, etc.

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                  Vamitul Level 4

                  if you use the insert/extract label, you can use myObject.toString() to serialize an entire object, and when you retrive the label use myObject=eval(myLabelString). The same trick is usefull to store script preferences.