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    Audio is acting crazy


      I am using a ZOOM Q2HD to record audio and video. I have used it in the past on this same computer/software without problems. The footage looks and sounds great when I perview it on my mac, watch it in Quicktime, VLC, etc. But now, when I import the footage into Premier CS5, the audio is wrong. It sounds like it is looping the first half second or so and adding other noise as it goes. Footage from other cameras sounds fine.


      I'm pretty novice about formats and bit rates and all that. But as far as I can tell, the sequence matches the clip. But I could be wrong. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place.


      Possible problem: The ZOOM Q2 has 4 mics that record 4 channels. It'ss supposed to just mix it down to regular stereo. But I wonder if this is not being enturperetted properly by Adobe. I don;t need it to be 4 channels. I would like it to just be stereo but don't know how to get Premier to accept it. This might not be the problem. Premeir lists the clip as having 2 audio channels.


      Any thoughts you might have would be helpful. Thanks