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    Fireworks CS3 & Illustrator CS3

    dcrinnert Level 1
      I'm not sure if this is more an Illustrator problem or a Fireworks issue, but since I can post here but can't log into the Illustrator forum, I'll start here.

      I have illustrations created in Illustrator. Black and white images, and I want the white to be transparent, or rather see-thru since I don't mean transparency as in opacity. What I want is for the background to show through the "white" portions of the black and white illustrations. So, if you have a black circle with a white triangle in the middle, and put it on a green background, the black circle will be black and the "white" triangle will be green. Hopefully, that clarifies what I am trying to do.

      So, in Illustrator CS3, I take that illustration and use "exclude" and "expand" to apply it to the illustration. Seems to work fine there. If I create a solid-colored square and move it behind the illustration, the "white" areas show the square's color instead of white.

      Now, when I open that illustration in Fireworks CS3, I get a black solid image. No paths where the "white" areas should be. Just a solid black area.

      Now, if I take that original illustration, open it in Illustrator 5.5(!), use "exclude," save and then open that modified file in Fireworks 1.0(!), it works just fine. I can also open that Illustrator 5.5 file in Fireworks CS3 and it works fine.

      Mind you, the illustrations are more complex than a white triangle in a black circle. But, if Illustrator 5.5 and Fireworks 1.0 can handle them, the CS3 versions ought to be able to handle them as well.

      Since I would expect that the CS3 versions should be able to do the same things that the much older versions can do, I can only assume (and hope!) that I must be doing something wrong. I would hate to have to save all my Illustrator CS3 files down to Illustrator 3 files (since CS3 can't save to Illustrator 5), open them in Illustrator 5.5 and "exclude," then resave them and then finally open them in Fireworks CS3, especially since that involves using two Macs, since the Intel Macs don't run Classic. Seems like I should be able to go direct from Illustrator CS3 to Fireworks CS3.

      So, what am I doing wrong?