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    CFCHARTSERIES seriesLabel not showing on Chart


      I am using CFCHART in CF10 to create a basic line graph that will have one or more series'(lines) displayed on it.  Each line is a different color and I'd like to label each line so that the user knows what each graphical implementation of data it represents(i.e. blue for series 1, red for series 2 etc).


      I am having no luck getting the label to show despite trying every single possible combination of attribute/label possible.  What am I doing wrong?


      <CFCHART name="my_graph" chartheight="150" chartwidth="475" format="png" showborder="no" showxgridlines="no" showygridlines="no">

      <CFCHARTSERIES type="line" color="Red" seriesLabel="Test Label">

      <CFCHARTDATA item="2010" value="1000" />

      <CFCHARTDATA item="2011" value="2000" />

      <CFCHARTDATA item="2012" value="3000" />

      <CFCHARTDATA item="2013" value="4000" />




      Shouldn't serieslabel show on the graph?