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    Assistance with Data Merge for product sell sheets


      Last year I started creating product sell sheets for our sales team. The sell sheet is built containg these elements: A product photo, a data table displaying product numbers, descriptions etc.. Underneath the photo and table is a text box. I have created a lot of these sell sheets for a variety of product categories. The prices are updated fairly often, maybe once every month or two. I created all of these using excel and Illustrator. Other than photoshop, Adobe products were forign to me and never looked into what indesign was capable of until now.


      I am wondering if the data merge feature would be a good fit for what I am doing. I would be more than happy to share my project files. I am asking for a little bit of hand holding here to expedite this process. Anyone out there willing to take a look and help me out??


      Project Files:


      PDF Sell Sheet created in Illustrator (would like to have the same look and feel but have the data automated in Indesign)
      Excel Data (Looking to reformat the way the data is displayed so that it would work well with Data Merge)