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    Frame 11 conditional hypertext not handled by Webworks

    shoose Level 1

      Hi all,


      I realize this forum is not about Webworks -- sorry in advance is this post is against guidelines...but I think a number of us probably do use Webworks for conversions, so it seems useful to cross post this here.


      After upgrading to Frame 11 two weeks ago, our hypertext markers are not creating links in our Webworks-generated HTML The hypertext markers are conditional text in Frame so that they are visible only in the HTML and not in the PDF.


      The hyperlinks resolve in Frame. If we remove the cond settings, Webworks creates the link. If we put it back, no link is created, although "HTML" is set to "visible" in our Webworks project.


      Has anyone else seen this? It seems that something changed in Frame 11 regarding conditional text and linking, and Webworks is not yet handling it. Does anyone know if any other related tools are affected by this change?


      Thanks for any help,


      Shelley Hoose

      Rogue Wave Software