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    Running without Adobe Flash Player Updater Scheduled Task

    EthanAD Level 1

      I'm trying to understand how to avoid installing Adobe Flash Player Updater Scheduled Task.


      I am also unable to remove the Scheduled Task using a script that works on other tasks, on the same workstations.


      Is there an mms.cfg setting that will instruct the installer to skip the Task?


      1) Uninstall the Scheduled Task from all workstations in my environment.

      2) Install future updates without the Scheduled Task.


      I have already tried mm.cfg with these lines:




      It still runs the update process every hour.


      I have explained that it hasn't been causing a problem, but running this many processes on so many computers for no reason is causing some concern.


      My organization also does not allow big bang automation included with this product.


      Has anyone managed to shut off the Updater process from running?


      Thank you