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    Continously Rasterize all layers when Rendered

    macampbell_09 Level 1

      Hi, I am look for a switch in After Effects CS6 that allows me to render out crisper vector layers.  I cant use continuously raster only the layers because I have my vector graphics pre composed in 3d layers and layers that have masking and continuous rasterization switch will NOT work correctly on those kinds of effects. So I need a work around.  My instructor told me there is a switch that allows after to render continuously rasterize vector info when the video is ready to render out.  I need this so that I can keep the continuously raster button off on the individuals layers so that the layers themselves will still work with 3D and masking, yet have final video have crisp vector graphics. It this still possible, he nor I can find a swithch that does this in AE CS6.  He says it may have been taken it out of AE CS6 is that true?