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    Background Tasks - after reading previous thread


      Hi Forum,


      I need support from you.


      After reading the link for Background Task http://forums.adobe.com/message/3517936#3517936.


      Im with this question.


      Im running script for converting "Quark to indesign: using Q2ID plugin.. Im using both Javascript and applescript to do this.


      Applescript will have time sequences.. When the quark file is dropped inside a folder.. Applescript will automatically starting collecting the quark from folder and do javascript functions.

      Finally the quark converted will store in some locations.


      At this point of time, Indesign seems to be always busy in searching quark files inside the folder (as I have setted 0 min for the folder action through applescript).

      Because of  periodic checking of quark files every minutes, Indesign seems to very busy and can't able to use indesign for other purpose.


      Is that any way to hide the background task which is continously running and allow to work in Indesign for other tasks..


      Please forgive me for my wrong english....



      Thanks. & regards.