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    Fade Music In and Out

      Hi All,

      I have a project I'm working on. The music for the web site starts almost immediately. I have a few sections where I'm loading other content where I want the music to end. What I would like to do is have the ActionScript fade the music out as the player enters the frame and the fade the music in as the player enters another frame. The name of my music file that is playing is Chill1.

      I'm a noobie so detailed help would be M U C H appreciated!

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          you need to use the sound class if you want to control your sound with actionscript. when you do that you will create a sound instance to which you'll attach a library sound (using its linkage id) and then you can use the sound class methods and properties including setVolume(), start() and stop().
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            ScottE Level 1
            Thanks for the reply kglad but I have NO IDEA what the heck you are talking about. Like I said I'm new to ActionScript and you might as well have written your reply in Russian or Chinese.

            I really need specific code to have any chance of getting this to work or a link to a good tutorial site on how to do this.

            The music I want to fade out is playing in Scene1. I have a movie clip that when the user enters that movie clip I want the sound to fade out and when they exit that movie clip have the sound fade in.

            Any help is appreciated!