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    Incorrect time codes in XML export

    tkatz00 Level 1



      I'm not sure if I'm experiencing a bug, or if I'm doing something wrong, so please let me know if this is my issue.


      I'm working on a project with video from two sources.  I have MXF files from a Canon XF300 and ProRes MOV files from a Blackmagic Cinema Camera.  I'm building the project in Premiere and will be grading it in Resolve.


      When I export the project from Premiere (CS6 6.0.2 Mac) and conform in Resolve, the MXF files appear to be linking properly, but the BMCC ProRes ones are not (either they are around almost 10 seconds off, or I get a time code extent error).


      Upon investigating I noticed that the timecodes written to the xml file for the ProRes files appear to be incorrect.


      In Premiere if i load one such file into the monitor, it start at 19:38:32:00.  When I look at the XML file it shows 19;39;42;24.  The MXF files in the XML have the correct times.


      I also tried building a timeline (using the same ProRes clip) in Resolve exporting to XML and bringing it into Premiere.  It loaded fine.  When I export the project and bring it back into Resolve, its off again.  Inspecting the two files, the Resolve XML has the correct time code, Premiere's does not (same as listed above).  I modified Premiere's XML and changed the time code to what it "should" be, and then it conformed without issue in Resolve.


      I'm not sure where the timecode is coming from that Premiere keeps writing to the file.  I've tested all the ProRes files I have from the BMCC and they are all coming up wrong.  If i simply create a project with a single file and no timeline, then export it, it still writes the time code wrong.


      Could this be due to something wrong on my end?  Or is this a known issue? (I tried doing some searches but couldn't find anything that sounded the same).