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    How to use new Web App sub-folder feature?


      How do we use this new feature, can you provide process steps?


      BC Blog Web App sub-folder update:

      http://www.businesscatalyst.com/_blog/BC_Blog/post/January_2013_System_Update_-_Fresh_UI_i mprovements,_Web_App_enhancements_and_more/

      "Render Web App items inside a sub-folder, such as /folder/subfolder/webapp-name. For example, you could have /blog/authors/bogdan (where Bogdan is the Web App item name)"

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          Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Just as it says there really.

          You can create a folder that has the same name as your web app and set up pages inside of it.


          Web app called - news.


          Folder - /news


          Create index page - /news/index.html


          This means /news will go to that landing page and web app items will work as normal as - /news/your-news-post


          You can create other pages in that folder if you wish but can not be the same name as your web app items.

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            Adam (Logo Pogo) Level 3

            So how do the sub folders work exactly? As per Sharifer007's example an drefering to that blog post, is the WebApp still "folder" or is it "sub-folder"?
            If the WebApp is "folder" what use is the assigning of a subfolder. Would that then mean we could categorise items of a single WebApp into subfolders and display only those related items when viewing a subfolder (this doesn't seem right without the use of 'classifying' items).

            Or is it puely an SEO thing being able to customise the directory structure?


            I can't see why subfolders for WebApps would be of any use without having multiple WebApps which you were trying to make appear as one... but that seems a clumsy way of doing it?


            Perhaps I'm missing something, can anyone shed light on this new subfolder feature for WebApps? and perhaps a use case for this?

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              Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Wrong idea Adam, not talking sub folders.

              You could not make a page or folder with the same as a web app before and thus could not utilise the index.html of the folder structure a web app creates.

              The update allows you to do this and allows you to add other pages inside a folder you create yourself based on the same folder as the web app.


              Not sure what you trying to think but forget that train of thought - not correct here.


              Reason this update is good?


              IF you had a list of testimonials you would build a web app called "testiomnials" and create some testimonials.


              the folder would be..




              If you wanted to create a listing of all of them you would make a page and stick a module on that page.


              That page you would have to call "testimonial-list" as testimonials was reserved fro the web app. BC wasted the ability to have a index.html in /testimonials so you can have a better url for your list.

              By making a folder of the same name as the web app folder you can.


              What else you want to do based on the abilities open is entirly up to you.