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    How can I eliminate the following problem of popup?


      Windows 7 professional, 64-bit. IE Explorer 10. Flash Player Version 11.7.700.169


      I installed Adobe flash player direct from your download page. Upon its completion, I was able to view the flash player in action as required.


      How can I eliminate the following problem? While still on your flash player help page, this popup notice appears at the bottom of the page. "This webpage wants to run the following add-on; Adobe flash player from Adobe system incorporation. What's the risk?" To the right is the allow button.


      Each page that I visit on the Internet using IE 10 Explorer, I have to manually allow for the flash player to work. I had to do a reinstall of Windows 7 because of major corrupt files and then did a reinstall of my software. Everything else is working fine.


      I am a recovering quadriplegic and am not physically able to manually allow Adobe Flash Player access in a repetitive manner. I am using Dragon Speech Software Version 12 to supply this information.


      Any assistance will be appreciated.