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        Jim_Simon Level 9

        I'd not want to switch myself, but the program seems to have a lot of nice features I'd like to see brought over to PP.  This one in particular.



        Never lose your work again, and never think about saving your project. Instant Automatic Save – no need to save project.  Lightworks saves every keystroke, every edit, every change you make in your project. Not only does Lightworks save your project continuously, but it also saves incremental backups of each Edit. You can decide how often and how many versions are kept. Peace of mind that you can return to any point and not lose any of your hard work.


        I've often thought it can't be that hard to simply write every change made in PP to the XML file in real time in the background, without waiting for a user to initiate (or forget) a save.  I think this should be the top new feature Adobe adds to PP for NAB 2014 (or even before for CC users).

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          This one's kind of nice, too.


          Realtime Pre and Post Audio waveform display

          See your waveforms on the timeline with fast realtime display and the ability to view pre and post levels. No hanging around while the timeline re-draws.

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            And if Adobe is really serious about moving into Hollywood, I think this is a must.


            Stereoscopic effects

            Lightworks has full support for Stereoscopic workflows, all the way from import, to edit, effects and export. With its powerful multicore media engine, Lightworks handles the complexities of keeping left and right eye media in sync and deals with effects and transitions seamlessly, freeing you to concentrate on the creative side.

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              Steven L. Gotz Level 5

              It has some nice features, but when I tried it a few months ago I didn't find it intuitive at all. I kept trying things and it didn't work the way I would expect.

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                Jeff Bellune Level 5

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