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    Threading text that's not the same size


      I prepare files for a magazine and I have an ongoing problem and I hope someone has a solution.


      When the text of a feature story is too long, we continue the story in the back of the issue. The text of the bulk of the story is 10pt while the text at the back of the isuue is 8pt.


      For instance say I have a 7 page INDD file and all of the text is threaded. I want page 1-6 to be 10pt text but page 7 would be 8pt text.


      Is there a way in INDD to make the text automatically change size based on the page or text box that it flows through?

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          TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Well, that's an interesting question.


          My instinct at first was, "For sure not!" Maybe in Illustrator, by

          adding a live effect to reduce the page or something.


          But then, hey, what do you know! It IS possible, very easily, in InDesign.


          Let's say you've got 3 connected text frames, X, Y, and Z, and you want

          the text in Z to be automatically smaller.


          Easy! Select frame Z. Pressing control-shift, drag one the corners to

          resize the frame. You will see that the text reduces in size as well,

          proportionally. But of course, text frame Z is now quite small. How do

          you get it back to size, while keeping the text inside small?


          Also easy: without pressing control-shift, simply drag the same corner

          of text frame Z back to the size you want, and that's it. The text frame

          will be the same size as before, but the text inside will be smaller.



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            Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            @Jimmy – yes.
            And you can get it without scripting!


            1. Go to the Preferences
            2. Set Scaling to "Adjust Scaling Percentage"
            3. Go to page 7 and scale all the text frames to 80%

            4. Adjust the width and height of the scaled text frames to their original dimensions WITHOUT scaling. E.g. by mouse…


            That simple.
            The text flows through all the threaded text frames on pages 1 - 6 unscaled and will be scaled from 10pt to 8pt (80%) on

            page 7. If you select text in scaled text frames you'll see the value "10 Pt(8)". You could use the baseline grid of the scaled text frames for further adjustment of the leading.


            Do not forget to change the prefernces to there original setting, if you completed the scaling of the text frames.




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              JimmyRun Level 1

              Thanks Laubender! I tested it and it works!

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                JimmyRun Level 1

                Thanks Ariel. It works!