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    Preload entire file in Flash8

    layerburn Level 1
      I have a project that is divided into two sections each with its own movie, all in scene 1. One movie plays at the very beginning of the project, when it finishes buttons appear for the user tonaviagate through a series of text and pictures. When they are ready, the user can advance to the second section via button click to another movie that also has a series of buttons with pictures and text that ppear after it finishes playing. Now i understand how preloaders work, but how would i preload this project? Would i want to just preload each movie or the entire file? I would think it would be easier to preload the entire file since i want the movies to play seamlessly as they are the transitions between the two sections. Would the scripting be the same as a regular preloader? Either way i'm confused on how to set this up. If someone would be kind enough to help me i would greatly appreciate it. I'm not an expert on flash yet, still learning.