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    Saving to an external drive


      I am using PSE 11 on a macbook pro and am experiencing difficulty saving an edited file to an external disc drive. I keep getting an error message 'Could not save as “2011-08-04_0_edited-1.jpg” because write access was not granted.' any help would be appreciated.




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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I would check your Permissions for that external HDD.


          Good luck,



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            martwalsh100 Level 1

            yes your right about the permissions Bill, I've been trying now for hours to change the permissions for the external drive and only just realized with your post that the external drive is formatted for Windows NT so I will never be able to save files from my Mac without reformating which of course will wipe out all the stored photos on the drive. Catch 22, it seems I will have to get a new external drive and format it for the Mac, one of the perils of changing from Windows to Mac.

            It seems the problem was nothing to do with Elements so I should not even be on this forum, but thanks for your timely help.


            Regards Martin.