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    Datagrid scrolls unnecessarily when variableRowHeight=true

      I have a custom component that includes a DataGrid component.  I want to set variableRowHeight to true to avoid truncating data within a cell.  When I do, the dataGrid shows only so many rows then the user must scroll to see the rest even though there is room in the container the dataGrid could use.  It appears that the measured height of the dataGrid does not include the extra height required by the rows of variable height causing the scrollbars to appear unnecessarily.
      • I am doing this with the mxml shown below
      • I am using a custom skin to remove the column header
      • I am not using an itemRenderer and can't seem to get that to work


      <s:DataGrid  id="contentDataGrid" dataProvider="{transposedDP}"

      skinClass="widgets.Query.QueryDGHeaderSkin" resizableColumns="false"

      variableRowHeight="true" width="100%">



      <s:GridColumn dataField="Value"/>




      <s:GridColumn dataField="Property"/>